Choosing an Endodontist

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Endodontists are specially trained dentists who are proficient in the use of advanced technologies to diagnose and treat pain around your tooth root. These dental professionals are proficient in using digital imaging, operating microscopes and ultrasound to diagnose and treat oral and facial pain caused by an infection or abscess in the inside of your tooth.

Choosing the Best Endodontist for You

Most patients are referred to a qualified endodontist by their general dentist. But if you decide to search for one on your own, be sure to carefully research your prospective endodontist’s qualifications and experience. Find out how long he has been in practice, and inquire about his experience in performing root canals.

You should aim to find an endodontist who has built a successful practice through years of experience. Obviously, the more procedures your endodontist has performed, the more expertise he will have. This will also make your enodontist better equipped to handle any complications that arise.

Here are some other things to consider when in your search for a Columbus and Grove City area endodontist:

  • Whether he is up-to-date with the safest and most advanced technology available
  • The professional dental societies your endodontist belongs to
  • Whether the office hours and location are convenient for you
  • What the office policies and procedures are if an emergency arises (and whether you are able to reach the office after-hours and on holidays)
  • The type of anesthesia and pain medication offered
  • Whether the office team is helpful, friendly and professional
  • The cost of treatment, and if your endodontist accepts your insurance or offers other types of financing

Be sure to tell your endodontist if you are taking any medications or are undergoing treatment for any type of cancer, as this will impact your treatment. Also, be ready to provide your endodontist with your general dentist’s and doctor’s contact information so that he can obtain the most updated and accurate medical history.

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