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Dr. Raymond Sheridan is a dentist for patients of all ages. His vast knowledge of teeth, gums, and neuromuscular principles makes him an excellent choice for any dental need you may have. Because of his uniquely comprehensive range of skills, Dr. Sheridan is truly a dentist for the entire family.


The Perfect Dental Check-up A Guide for Parents

Family Dental Services

Whether you need to get your kids, yourself, and your spouse in for that semi-annual checkup, or someone in your family is having a serious dental problem, Dr. Sheridan and his team can provide the swift and comfortable care you deserve. Our cleaning and exam sessions are easy and enjoyable thanks to a variety of in-chair amenities, including plenty of distractions to keep children entertained. We work hard to keep things running on time because we know our patients lead busy lives.

Our philosophy of family care involves teaching preventative skills. Whether the person in the chair is 8 or 80, we strive to continually educate our patients on the importance of hygiene, diet, and good home care. Although we enjoy seeing our patients, we would prefer to see you only a few times a year for routine checkups rather than more often with dental emergencies.

Personalized Family Dentistry

At Sheridan Dental, our team caters to the needs of all family members. We take the time to make a careful, accurate diagnosis followed by a personalized treatment recommendation that takes into account your personal smile goals. If you need more than just general dentistry solutions, Dr. Sheridan also offers state-of-the-art cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry services. In addition, we are able to provide skilled sleep apnea treatment and sedation dentistry for patients with anxiety.

If you have yet to find a family dentist you love, we suggest choosing a dentist like Dr. Sheridan who treats patients like family members and delivers the kind of skilled dental care you deserve.

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