How to Choose a General Dentist

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Finding a local dentist is a fairly easy task. Finding a local dentist who delivers consistently high quality care with personalized, friendly service and beautiful results is a little more of a challenge. If you have been disappointed with your general dentists in the past, we want to help you find a Columbus area dentist you can trust to oversee your dental health for life.

First Steps

Dentistry today is a very competitive field. The environment has changed to focus more on the patient’s comfort. Advances in dentistry allow patients to choose from a wide range of dental health improvements, including:

When searching for a general dentist, we strongly encourage you to choose a local practice that offers more than just general dentistry services. If you find a dentist who is highly skilled at other specialties like these, you will be in good hands if other issues arise.

How to Choose

Start with a list of local dental practices that stand out. You can search online, ask your friends and family members for recommendations, and check the phone book as a starting point. Next, narrow down your list by placing a call to each. The practices that stay on your list should be courteous, kind, and helpful over the phone. You can also weed out practices by asking questions about their services, the doctor’s background, and whether or not they offer free consultations.

If you feel there is one practice that particularly impressed you, go ahead and schedule your checkup or examination. If there are a few that pique your interest, attend the free consultation to get more information before making a decision. There is no obligation to schedule after the consult, and it is a great way to get a feel for the practice environment.

Why We Are Unique

Dr. Raymond Sheridan and his team approach dental care with the philosophy that the patient determines the treatment. This means that we do not just look at your teeth and gums and make a textbook diagnosis and treatment recommendation. We consider each patient’s dental history, smile goals, personality, lifestyle, and budget before we suggest fitting solutions. We get to know you as a person, not just a patient, in order to provide truly customized care. 

If you live in Grove City, Columbus, Dublin, Hilliard, or a surrounding Ohio community, please contact Sheridan Dental today. We would be happy to talk to you about your dental health during a free general dentistry consultation.

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