In-Office Teeth Whitening - Zoom!

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If you want a brighter, more appealing smile in just one quick visit to the dentist, Dr. Raymond Sheridan suggests in-office tooth whitening from Zoom! This professional whitening system gets great results due to the high concentration of a safe bleaching agent. In just under an hour, your smile will look younger and more vibrant.

How Zoom! Works

After you and Dr. Sheridan discuss your teeth whitening options and decide that an in-office teeth whitening session is best, we will schedule your treatment time and discuss payment options. Upon arrival, you will be escorted to your treatment chair and Dr. Sheridan will go over the simple steps.

The Zoom! formula is applied to enamel, and then light from a special activation lamp is used to accelerate the teeth whitening process. During your visit, you will undergo three consecutive treatment sessions, each lasting 15 minutes. At each interval, Dr. Sheridan checks your progress to make sure the treatment is working as it should. After your three sessions, Dr. Sheridan will send you home with touch-up kits to help maintain your beautiful new shade.

Depending on your starting enamel shade, you may be able to reach upwards of 8 shades brighter than before.

The Zoom! Difference

The makers of the Zoom! formula spent years working to achieve a gel that would deliver dramatic results. The patented whitening formula is further enhanced with a special activation lamp that helps your enamel absorb the bleaching agent, penetrating deep below the tooth’s surface.

The teeth whitening trays ensure full coverage, unlike many over-the-counter products that only whiten front teeth. The state-of-the-art application process ensures beautiful results that last much longer than other whitening systems.

If you would like to hear more about our Zoom! advanced whitening treatment, simply schedule a free tooth whitening consultation with our Grove City, Ohio dental team. You may also want to consider combining tooth whitening with another cosmetic dentistry treatment for a true smile makeover.

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