Oral Sedation – What to Expect

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Dr. Raymond Sheridan is a certified sedation dentist who has helped many men and women overcome their fear of the dentist and take control of their dental health.

Learning to Trust Your Dentist

One bad dental visit can cause a lifetime of dental anxiety. Thankfully, measures like sedation dentistry can help alleviate fear and get anxious patients the care they need. In our many years of working with anxious dental patients, we have learned that one positive dental experience can work wonders to heal fear and instill trust.

We use oral sedation to encourage relaxation during any dental treatment, including cleanings, X-rays and examinations, tooth whitening, dental fillings, and more. In addition to the medication, our dentist and team are very sensitive to anxious patients and their needs. For instance, some patients are put at ease by a step-by-step explanation of treatment, while other patients prefer only an overview of the procedure. If there is anything that can help you further relax while in our chair, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Your Treatment Day

When you schedule your visit, Dr. Sheridan will give you a pill to take a few hours before your appointment. After a friend or family member drives you to our office, the doctor will make sure you are at an ideal sedation level before beginning treatment. During your services, you will be calm and relaxed, but able to respond to any cues.

The medication takes a few hours to wear off, so you will also need a ride home. After you are back to a normal state, you should have little or no memory of the experience.

Future Dental Appointments

Many patients gain a newfound confidence after their first sedation dentistry session. You may discover that your anxiety has waned enough to forego the sedation during future visits. Depending upon your level of anxiety, you may choose to use oral sedation for all visits or only for treatments that are time-intensive or more invasive.

To learn more about oral sedation at Sheridan Dental, please contact sedation dentist Dr. Raymond Sheridan today for a free personal consultation.

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