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Questions about Cosmetic Dentistry

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How do you ensure quality in your cosmetic dental work?

When you choose Sheridan Dental to deliver your smile makeover, you can be sure that every filling we place and every veneer we design will be of the highest quality. Dr. Raymond Sheridan uses the most advantageous dental materials (such as high-grade porcelain) to promote natural results and longevity. We allow ample time during appointments to make sure we get each smile enhancement just right. Our dental lab is widely known for their attention to detail in crafting beautiful tooth restoration.

How many treatments do I need to reach my ideal smile?

This will depend on the smile problems you are having and your vision of a perfect smile. Together, you and Dr. Sheridan will sit down and discuss your options. After a thorough explanation of the benefits of our various cosmetic dentistry options, Dr. Sheridan will make his recommendations and help you choose a strategic combination of treatments.

Does Dr. Sheridan have much experience in cosmetic dentistry?

Yes. Dr. Sheridan has been providing the people of Columbus and Grove City with skilled cosmetic dentistry for many years, and he has countless happy patients who have recommended his services to family and friends. For more information on Dr. Sheridan’s background, please schedule a free consultation and stop by his bio page.

Can I use my dental insurance for cosmetic dentistry enhancements?

At Sheridan Dental, we accept a wide range of major dental health plans. In our experience working with many types of coverage, we have found that most plans cover at least a portion of cosmetic dentistry services. However, every policy is different and we will need to contact your provider for specific details regarding the treatments you are considering.

If I am not happy with my smile, where do I start?

Enhancing your smile with cosmetic dentistry is easy — simply give us a call to set up a personal appointment with Dr. Sheridan. Our initial consultations are free of charge, so you can discuss the changes you would like to see and find out what treatments can get you there. We encourage you to take a look at our Before and After Gallery to see how other patients have improved their smiles.

Gather all of your questions about cosmetic dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, and other types of dental care and contact Sheridan Dental in Grove City, Ohio to set up a no-charge consultation. If you would like to know more about smile enhancement, our experienced, friendly team has answers for you.

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