Questions about Tooth Whitening

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Can you guarantee the level of tooth whitening I want?

Individual tooth whitening results will vary based on your personal characteristics like level of staining, existing dental work, and lifestyle factors. As with any dental service, we cannot offer a guarantee as to your results. However, we can share experiences of past patients and show you before and after images of previous whitening cases to give you an estimate of likely results.

Will whitening my teeth hurt?

During in-office tooth whitening, Dr. Sheridan will isolate the gums before whitening to prevent irritation. Some patients will experience mild to moderate discomfort as the enamel is being treated and for a brief period afterward. Some patients experience increased sensitivity to heat and cold after treatment, but recent reformulations of whitening treatments has reduced this tendency.

Which works better, the at-home or in-office tooth whitening treatment?

The in-office tooth whitening session will produce a greater shade improvement in a shorter amount of time. The at-home tray whitening is very effective, and many of our patients prefer this method because it produces a gradual change and allows them to monitor whitening levels closely. During your free whitening consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss each option and choose the one that sounds best.

How often will I have to professionally whiten to maintain my ideal tooth shade?

Enamel is a delicate material that is susceptible to wear and tear as well as staining. Most people are reluctant to give up staining foods and drink, so it is normal for the whitening results to gradually fade. To keep your smile looking bright, maintain a good home hygiene routine and refresh your tooth whitening treatment every 12 – 18 months.

What if my teeth turn out too white?

Rest assured that whether you chose at-home or in-office tooth whitening, Dr. Sheridan will supervise your results and work to achieve a level of whitening that looks very natural.

Discover what a difference safe, effective whitening can do for your smile. Please contact the cosmetic dentistry team at Sheridan Dental and we will present you with all the details during a free tooth whitening consultation.

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