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root canal is the last resort to save a tooth that is abscessed or infected. The procedure involves the removal of your tooth’s diseased pulp. The hollowed out pulp chamber is then cleaned out, filled, and sealed to protect the tooth.

Reasons for Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is most commonly associated with poor dental hygiene. However, this is only one reason for the procedure.

The most common reasons for root canals include:

  • Tooth fracture: A tooth may become fractured over time by actions such as jaw grinding, eating hard food, and chewing on ice. If your tooth sustains damage, hairline fractures may form that allow bacteria to enter the pulp chamber, inflaming the nerve. Tooth sensitivity is the telltale sign of a tooth fracture.
  • Tooth decay: When tooth decay becomes severe, bacteria can get inside your tooth’s pulp and cause an infection called an abscess. An abscess is often painful, so you will know something is wrong. However, during the period before the abscess forms (as your nerve slowly dies), you may have no symptoms. A forming abscess can be detected in x-rays during a routine exam.
  • Trauma: If you sustain a blow to the mouth, your tooth may become slowly infected and the nerve can die over time.

About Your Root Canal Procedure

Because root canal treatment requires Grove City and Columbus area dentist Dr. Raymond Sheridan to access the interior chamber of your tooth, an access hole must first be drilled. Then your pulp, decayed nerve tissue, bacteria, and related debris will be removed from your tooth and your root canal will be scraped and scrubbed.

After your tooth is cleaned, it will be sealed. If you have a severe infection, you will probably have to wait a few days for the infection to clear up before your tooth is sealed. If this is the case, a temporary sealant will be placed on your affected tooth by your dentist to keep food and bacteria from contaminating it. The permanent filling will prevent further decay and bacteria from entering the tooth. It will also help preserve and protect your tooth.

Please contact Sheridan Dental today to schedule your initial root canal appointment. Columbus dentist Dr. Sheridan also serves patients in Grove City, Dublin, Hilliard, Circleville, Ohio and surrounding areas.

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