Teeth Whitening

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Bright, white teeth are a symbol of health and youthfulness. That is why so many people choose teeth whitening as an easy smile enhancement. Dr. Raymond Sheridan feels this is one of his most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments for good reason — it takes minutes a day, is highly affordable, and gets dramatic results.

Causes of Discoloration

A dazzling white smile is rare in today’s world, due to factors like smoking; tea, wine and coffee drinking; aging, and plain old genetics. Lack of fluoride, hard water, and even some antibiotics are also to blame for noticeable discoloration. Dr. Sheridan will evaluate your age and skin tone and other factors to achieve a shade that is both beautiful and appropriate.

In-Office Whitening for Fast Results

If you want dramatic teeth whitening as soon as possible, our in-office smile brightening session may be your best bet. Dr. Sheridan uses the Zoom! whitening system to deliver noticeable whitening improvements in just under an hour. During this treatment, a high-percentage bleaching agent is applied to enamel, which is then activated with a safe lamp that promotes deep absorption. Patients can experience up to an 8-shade improvement after the three consecutive 15-minute treatments.

As an added bonus, in-office teeth whitening patients will get take-home trays to use periodically for whitening touch-ups.

Home Whitening for Gradual Brightening in Comfort

For our patients who want to whiten at home, we offer the Opalescence Xtra Boost kit. Dr. Sheridan makes molds of your teeth which are used to create your custom whitening trays. You will be given instructions on how to insert the gel into the trays and how long to wear them to achieve your desired level of whiteness. Take-home trays let you control the whitening levels and let you whiten anywhere you choose.

At-home teeth whitening is the most popular option here at Sheridan Dental. To learn more about each and find your perfect solution, please contact our Grove City cosmetic dentist today. Dr. Sheridan and his team are happy to answer all of your questions about teeth whitening during a free consultation.

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