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Testimonial 1

Sally M.  Grove City, Ohio  Dear Dr. Sheridan, I want to thank you for my beautiful smile. I have received compliments from many people. The procedure was performed with a minimum of discomfort. It makes me wonder why I didn't have it done sooner. Again, thank you for giving me something to smile about.
-Sally M.  Grove City, Ohio

Testimonial 2

Mary F. Grove City, Oho Dr. Sheridan and his well trained staff gave me the smile I've always wanted.
-Mary F. Grove City, Ohio

Testimonial 3

Sandy H. Grove City, Ohio Dr. Sheridan's proficiency, coupled with the most up to date technology and equipment changed my appearance from someone who had an almost toothless smile to one who can now smile with confidence. His patience and propensity for perfection resulted in the most natural appearing outcome. I can say without hesitation that I would recommend Dr. Sheridan and his wonderful staff to anyone seeking the ultimate in oral/facial care.
-Sandy H. Grove City, Ohio

Testimonial 4

Rita O. Grove City, Ohio Ray and his caring staff gave me what three years of wearing braces could not- A BEAUTIFUL SMILE! My teeth are now perfect! The staff worked with me and cheered me on as I went from dull, crooked smile to a dazzling white smile. I now have the confidence to show my teeth and smile. I did not have to go to California to get an "Extreme Makeover." I could get it done in Grove City, Ohio at Dr. Sheridan's office.
-Rita O. Grove City,Ohio

Testimonial 5

Lori R. Frankfort, Ohio I have been coming to see Dr. Sheridan for well over 20 years. I still come to his practice even though I moved back home approximately 45-50 minutes to one hour away. Most people dread to go to the dentist but I always look forward to my appointments with Dr. Sheridan and his staff. He is just a great guy and dentist and his staff follow suit. I tried to switch dentists so that I would not have to travel so far but switched back to Dr. Sheridan. The other dental office could not compare. My kids love him and never complain about having to go to the dentist. I would highly recommend Sheridan Dental to anyone.
-Lori R. Frankfort, Ohio

Testimonial 6

Bob H. Groveport, Ohio 

Sheridan Dental is a great place to have dental work done because the staff is always friendly, professional and efficient. It's almost like a visit with relatives because of the family, home-like, relaxed atmosphere. Everyone makes you feel welcomed and comfortable with a smile and nice conversation. For those nervous about trips to the dentist, Dr. Sheridan's office is the place to be at ease and get it done! I highly recommend Sheridan Dental.
-Bob H. Groveport, Ohio

Testimonial 7

Bev C. Grove City, Ohio I never would have imagined we could get my teeth this straight in such a short amount of time.
-Bev C. Grove City, Ohio

Testimonial 8

Joan H. Grove City, Ohio I came to Dr. Sheridan after becoming dissatisfied with my dentist for lack of concern over a problem I had after a cleaning. I had heard that Dr. Sheridan also specializing jaw problems. I had constant pain and tension in both sides of my jaw with frequent popping and clicking.

Dr. Sheridan did a great job diagnosing the problem and building an orthotic, I use this at night. He and his staff were very available during the adjustment period to insure it was working correctly.

I have experienced great relief in the pain and tension in my jaw and a reduction in my headaches. This has been a great relief after the years I have suffered with this chronic problem.
-Joan H. Grove City, Ohio

Sleep Apnea

Margie R. Columbus, Ohio Sleep Apnea
I have had the TAP device for about two weeks now. Right away it made a big difference. Instead of waking every 20 minutes, all night long, I now sleep at least five hours straight. My husband doesn't have to shake me at night to make sure I am still breathing. He can hear me breathing now, and I can too!

I have gotten a decent night's sleep for the first time in 5+ years! Now, I only wake three times per night instead of 20 or more.

I am thankful someone made an apparatus that is tolerable to wear nothing like the C-PAP machine with air blasting in my face until I can't take it anymore.
  -Margie R. Columbus, Ohio

Testimonial 10

Ron K. Grove City, Ohio Dr. Sheridan and his staff have helped me to improve my dental health, especially for the last four years. Facing the prospect of dentures, Dr. Sheridan and his staff guided and encouraged me to the best dental posture I've had in years. My teeth are straight and fully functional- I'm not afraid to smile. And I still greatly enjoy corn on the cob and apples all thanks to Dr. Sheridan and his staff.
-Ron K. Grove City, Ohio

Testimonial 11

Barry H. Columbus, Ohio Dear Dr. Sheridan, Thank you for all you have done to help me enjoy great dental health. Your sincere interest in my good health and your sensitivity to my individual needs have been exceptional. A great example of your personal concern for my well being relates to your interest in my running. As you know I have been running for pleasure and in races for over 30 years. Naturally as I have aged my race times have gotten slower, my recovery periods longer and the races themselves have gotten to be more of a struggle. I had casually mentioned that to you during one of my visits. Rather than just pass it off as small talk, you suggested we explore the potential benefits from the "Performance Enhancement Mouthguard." Because running and other physical activities are important to me and part of my lifestyle, I was interested in finding out more about this. You were kind enough to walk me through the details. Together we determined the PEM might help improve my results, or at least help me maintain my current form as I age. The process was easy, non-evasive and actually fun. I enjoyed watching you build the perfect mouthpiece on the computer. Once I received my own mouthpiece, I was amazed at how perfect it fit and how comfortable it was to wear.

I wear it each time I run. I have noticed it really helps, especially on the longer runs of an hour or more. The real areas of improvement seem to be in breathing and fatigue. I don't struggle as much on long runs, my recovery is quicker and muscles don't get as tired or sore. In a word, everything seems easier. And the best part, I don't even notice I have the PEM in while I am running. Sometimes I even forget to take it out. For me, the PEM was worth the time and cost I invested to have it made. Anyone engaging in stressful physical activity lasting over an hour should consider having a Performance Enhancement Mouthguard made for them.

Thanks again for all you have done for me, especially your help in fitting me with the PEM.
-Barry H.  Columbus, Ohio

Testimonial 12

Ronde C. Lockbourne, Ohi I have been with Sheridan Dental for almost 8 years. I have always found that I am getting total disclosure with what is going on with my teeth/gums with a straightforward way in communicating that information. I like the fact that there is retention of staff and you know all of the employees in the office and they know you. The office is a comfortable setting (quaint) and the staff is service oriented. Dr. Sheridan and Lafe are super professional, yet personable as well. My expectations are high and I am glad that they can exceed them!
-Ronde C. Lockbourne, Ohio

Testimonial 13

Pat W. Columbus, Ohio Dr. Sheridan, I feel fortunate to have found you. You take an old-fashioned pride in your work and that is what I am looking for in all my encounters. Thank you.
-Pat W. Columbus, Ohio

Testimonial 14

Dr. Ray Sheridan Over the years my teeth had deteriorated to point where I was embarrassed to smile. I made an appointment with Dr. Ray Sheridan to have an implant procedure done. The procedure was painless and the results were truly amazing. I can now be out in public and enjoy laughing and smiling with confidence...

Finding a dentist you can trust is priceless. I must say that the entire staff at Sheridan Dental is wonderful. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and professional. I am truly grateful to Dr. Sheridan and his entire team.
-Dean T. Columbus, Ohio

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