Removal of White or Brown spots from teeth.

Do you have discolored spots on your teeth? They are fairly common. For years we have struggled to find an easy, non invasive procedure to cover up the brown or white spots that are sometimes present on the teeth. These spots can be developmental, a result of too much fluoride in the diet during tooth development or could be a result of poor brushing when being treated with braces. Whatever the cause, many patients find them unattractive and want them removed.

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Ben Franklin… America’s first Sleep specialist?

  Hey College kids! Wake up!…Do you see what time it is? I just finished reading a report in the Journal of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) about college student’s sleep habits in relation to academic performance. Those of us who have been to college or are currently in college understand the demands that studying places on sleep habits. Cramming for exams, studying, or writing papers can lead to late bedtimes.

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…to answer your questions.

  If you have been in for an office visit in the last year, you have most likely been given a survey that questions your level of sleepiness. This is a subjective questionnaire that is designed to record your impression of your level of fatigue during normal daytime activities such as driving or reading. Not surprisingly, we get quite a few questions as to why we are asking these questions and also how does sleepiness relate to going to the dentist.

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