I thought I would add a follow up to last week’s blog about performance enhancing mouthguards. Lafe, one of our team members, recently read a web page about TMJ (jaw joint) related issues. Although the article was not about sports mouthguards but really about bite appliances used to treat jaw pain, someone responded with a post concerning her experience with a PPM Mouthguard, which has been developed to improve athletic performance. I am including a copy of this woman’s comments:


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Snoring and sleep apnea, what can you do?

  It is common for patients to request (or usually for their wives to request) that we make them an oral appliance to eliminate or reduce their snoring.  Sometimes the cure is as simple as having the patient wear an oral appliance at night time that holds their lower jaw slightly forward.   Many times though, the issue is much more complex than just snoring.   You could have a serious, and very common condition called “sleep apnea”.

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“I want to thank my coach, my parents, but most of all I want to thank my dentist!!!”

  “It is amazing how much stronger I am when my jaws are aligned”. …..  This is the kind of thing we hear all the time once someone has been introduced to neuromuscular (NM) dentistry and how it can help them.  

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…another day another headache!

In my line of work I come in contact with a lot of folks who complain of headaches. It’s not that I run into a lot of whiners, in fact I usually bring up the subject. The common thread with most of our patients is that they didn’t realize that there may be a connection between their headaches and their bite. Most folks by now have heard of TMJ and jaw pain being related to a “bad” bite, but few have heard of the association of headaches and what we call malocclusion or “bad bite.”

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Pillow talk

I just heard some remarkable news that could resonate throughout this great land and leave countless children with empty piggy banks. What I am talking about are pillows without shiny money, toothless grins that quickly fall from a child’s face, bedrooms without the sound of parents tippy-toeing in to ransom a lost tooth. In short I am talking about Americana, our beloved way of life. Well………. maybe I am going a bit overboard with this, but the reason is a change in the way we parents deal with our kid’s lost baby teeth.

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