Sleep Habits hit the Headlines

I know it is not mere coincidence that Sleep Apnea keeps popping up in the news these days. It does seem that the more we talk to our patients here at Sheridan Dental about their sleep, and sleep apnea, the more our patients and my team and I read or hear about something to do with sleep.

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Do you do your best sleeping behing the wheel?

  Have you ever caught yourself dozing while you were driving? It is  scary, and very dangerous. I think we have all been driving tired at one time or another, and all the head shaking, blinking and singing out loud just doesn’t seem to help.  Well the National Highway Traffic Safety administration is also concerned and have been keeping records on Sleepy Drivers.

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Are children at risk for Sleep Apnea? The answer may surprise you.

  When we think of a person with Obstructive Sleep apnea or OSA what usually comes to mind is an overweight adult male who snores and gasps in his sleep. Children, however are not immune to this condition. In fact we see young patients with symptoms of OSA fairly frequently. The consequences of undiagnosed or untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea in children can be:

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Ben Franklin… America’s first Sleep specialist?

  Hey College kids! Wake up!…Do you see what time it is? I just finished reading a report in the Journal of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) about college student’s sleep habits in relation to academic performance. Those of us who have been to college or are currently in college understand the demands that studying places on sleep habits. Cramming for exams, studying, or writing papers can lead to late bedtimes.

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…to answer your questions.

  If you have been in for an office visit in the last year, you have most likely been given a survey that questions your level of sleepiness. This is a subjective questionnaire that is designed to record your impression of your level of fatigue during normal daytime activities such as driving or reading. Not surprisingly, we get quite a few questions as to why we are asking these questions and also how does sleepiness relate to going to the dentist.

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