Snoring and sleep apnea, what can you do?

  It is common for patients to request (or usually for their wives to request) that we make them an oral appliance to eliminate or reduce their snoring.  Sometimes the cure is as simple as having the patient wear an oral appliance at night time that holds their lower jaw slightly forward.   Many times though, the issue is much more complex than just snoring.   You could have a serious, and very common condition called “sleep apnea”.

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Pillow talk

I just heard some remarkable news that could resonate throughout this great land and leave countless children with empty piggy banks. What I am talking about are pillows without shiny money, toothless grins that quickly fall from a child’s face, bedrooms without the sound of parents tippy-toeing in to ransom a lost tooth. In short I am talking about Americana, our beloved way of life. Well………. maybe I am going a bit overboard with this, but the reason is a change in the way we parents deal with our kid’s lost baby teeth.

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Say it ain’t so!

Did you hear about the latest research in mouthwash? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Well I wouldn’t have heard either if it had not been for one of our hygienists. After years of telling anyone who would listen that Listerine is the only mouthwash that really kills germs and should be used in about every situation (including a fuel substitute for when you run out of gas on the freeway), I am finding out that opinions are changing.

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Power Down

I have a few moments this morning to add to my blog because the Power went down and we had to cancel a few patients until the problem was fixed. Dentistry, like so many things in today’s world doesn’t happen without electricity. I remember the first time we lost power I thought, well, I can still remove a tooth, all I need is a forceps ( pliers ) and a little daylight through the window. Then it dawned on me that I can’t even suction out the spit (sorry about using spit, but saying “saliva” just doesn’t have the same impact). All the cosmetic training and zoom lights, and veneers are worthless without electricity.

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