I thought I would add a follow up to last week’s blog about performance enhancing mouthguards. Lafe, one of our team members, recently read a web page about TMJ (jaw joint) related issues. Although the article was not about sports mouthguards but really about bite appliances used to treat jaw pain, someone responded with a post concerning her experience with a PPM Mouthguard, which has been developed to improve athletic performance. I am including a copy of this woman’s comments:


Interesting piece in respect to mouthguards. It’s great to see sites such as yours offer consumers choice and unbias info on splints and mouth pieces.

I would like to add one important note on the Pure Power Mouthguard. I purchased one several months ago after being convinced by one of my students that it was the real thing. I was truly amazed by her rapid progression after noticing the mouth piece in her daily workouts.
I was still a skeptic but I was convinced to the point where I at least had to find out.
The fitting process was nothing even remotely comparable to anything I have witnessed in a dental chair. I felt I was some kind of scientific experiment the US military was conducting. Cutting Edge technology to say the least. After they calculated where my bite should rest the dentist did a series of tests that quicly showed improvement in my upper body strength flexibility and range or motion. I have never seen anything that immediately improved me within seconds.
After being a huge skeptic I must say the Pure Power Mouthguard is the real deal. It is worth the money I paid. They have many notable atheltes using the device and after seeing the results each and every day it wouldn’t surprise me if the mouthpiece becomes mandatory by all professional teams in the near future.
Sorry to ramble on as I did but you have to experience it for yourself.

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