Just a short note to mention an impression I had this week concerning manufacturing here in the USA.  Maybe as a result of listening to the media tell us about how manufacturing has all left the US, I’ve had the impression that the best, most inovative products are made off shore.  I had been fooled into thinking that the American worker no longer had the motivation to keep pace with other countries, like India and China.  Last Friday I was treated to a factory tour of the Midmark manufacturing facility.  They primarily produce equipment for the dental, medical, and veternary professions. MIdmark is located in Versailles Ohio, and nearly all ( and I really mean all!) of the parts used in their manufacturing come from Ohio.  After a few hours of meeting their employees and witnessing the care and innovation that Midmark has built into their equipment I came away with renewed faith in the the American worker.  The employees ( they call them team members) take a real pride in their efforts and it shows with the way they test and retest all the items coming off the line to be sure they are up to the Midmark standard of excellence.  I came away feeling proud of what the folks in Versailles, Ohio are accomplishing.  Thanks Midmark for sharing!

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