Financing your Cosmetic Dentistry

Invest in Your Smile

If you think that cosmetic dentistry is a luxury that is only available to people with a large disposable income, we invite you to talk to Dr. Raymond Sheridan’s countless smile enhancement patients from all walks of life. Thanks to our competitive fee structure, our third-party payment plans, and our dental insurance partners, cosmetic dentistry is more affordable than you might think.

When our patients express interest in smile improvement but are hesitant about the cost, we ask them to consider the true benefits of skilled cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Most of the cosmetic dentistry treatments performed at Sheridan Dental actually improve dental health in addition to smile appearance. For instance, replacing a worn metal filling with a natural-looking tooth-colored filling helps your smile seem more attractive, and it also helps protect the tooth more effectively.

Value vs. Cost

In dentistry, it’s better to get high value for your money than just to try to minimize cost. Cheap dental work may not only look bad, it may not last, and it may even cause more problems than it solves. Quality cosmetic dentistry should be determined by its appearance, its functionality, and its expected longevity. At Sheridan Dental, we pride ourselves on results that are not only attractive but also designed using the principles of neuromuscular dentistry to function harmoniously so they do not experience additional wear and fail prematurely.

When you choose us for your cosmetic smile makeover, you can rest assured that we are maximizing value for you by choosing the best dental materials and applying years of expert training and experience to custom create your smile enhancements.

Payment Options

Our team will help you get the most from your dental insurance, ensuring that we utilize the coverage to the fullest extent possible. We accept third-party financing from CareCredit and Chase, two highly respected and popular dental payment plan providers. If you are able to pay the full amount on or before your treatment day, we are happy to offer a pre-pay discount in the form of a percentage of your total cost.

If you would like to get an accurate quote for dental cleanings or treatments, please contact Sheridan Dental in Grove City today. Our team would be happy to evaluate your insurance plan and help you understand the extent of your dental coverage.  Our cosmetic dentist serves patients in Grove City, Hilliard, Dublin, Columbus, OH and surrounding areas.